Whether you’re looking for a new church home or checking us out for the first time, we want you to feel welcome.  Below is a sampling of what you can expect on a typical Sunday at Rivers of Life Community Church.


You’ll be a part of some truly inspired worship.  Most people will stand, clap or raise their hands in adoration of Jesus during the songs, but you are welcome to be seated if you prefer.  Some may shout in praise.  At Rivers of Life you are encouraged to worship however you like.  We will display the words on a screen so you can follow along if some of the songs are new to you.


You’ll hear a clear and relevant message from the Bible, with practical insights that you can apply to your life.


There is no requirement to tithe to Rivers of Life.  As a guest, we have no expectation of donations, gifts or tithes from you.  What we have discovered is that as our regular attenders grow in their relationship with God, they are often called to begin tithing.  All donations go directly to running the church and serving the community.


We have something for every age group.  You are welcome to keep your children with you during service if you like, or there is a nursery available for ages 4 and younger and Kids Crossing for Kindergarten age and up .

In the nursery there will always be 2 or more adults to care for the children.  On abnormally busy days, backup care providers will be available to help.  The children in the nursery will often take part in age appropriate, bible based activities. If your child is still in diapers, please bring a few extra diapers, wipes and any other essential items.  If your child needs you anytime during service, a care provider will come into the sanctuary and get you.

Older kids will attend Kids Crossing, which is a fun, energetic and safe place for your child to learn about God.  Rob O’Bryan (Mr. O) leads Kids Crossing.  Kids Crossing offers exciting praise and worship where the kids get to sing their favorite songs.  A professionally crafted, live puppet show with Gilbert and the gang is always a huge hit.  Funny money, which every kid can earn to spend in our Blessed Buy Store. is a crowd favorite that gives the children a fun incentive.  Craft time is available and of course bible time is a part of every service.  Mr. O brings the word in an easy to understand, yet effective way each Sunday.  And who can forget Gilbert, Blue and Bruno!  Visit the Kids Crossing page for more info.