The Men’s Class meets at 7:00 pm every Wednesday.  It is just a good group of guys all desiring to learn and study about God.  We have fun but also dig deep into The Word.

The class is lead by David Thomas, who has a real gift for teaching.  David leads the discussion but encourages others to express their thoughts and opinions, and to ask questions.  We often pause to talk, in depth, about verses.  All thoughts/opinions/questions are welcome.

The first Wednesday of every month is designated for a question answer day.  This is your chance to ask any question about God, The Bible, Religion, Faith, etc, that are not necessarily in the book/chapter we are currently studying.  There have been times where questions were so deep that we dedicated the whole next class to the subject.  No question is a bad question!  Chances are, if you are wondering, someone else is too.  The whole purpose of this class is to get a deeper understanding of The Word and to grow closer to God.